MPT Mustard Products & Technologies Inc.

At MPT™, our aim is to be the leader in providing natural solutions for everyday agricultural challenges.

MPT'sTM technology converts the unique properties of mustard seed into fertilizers that support soil health and formulated bio-pesticides that control soil borne pests and diseases. The resulting products fall under MPT's MustGrow™ product line.

MPT™ provides natural, organic products that match or exceed the efficacy of the commonly-used synthetic chemicals and soil fumigants. MPT™ provides growers with a natural pesticide alternative with superior control of soil borne pathogens and pests that produce yields similar to or exceeding those associated with synthetic product use.

MPT™ products are organically-approved, publicly acceptable and have minimal regulatory concerns when providing products to be used in buffer zones with little or no concern of re-entry or setbacks.

All of MPT's™ products are composed of 100% food grade material, yet meet industry standards applied to all synthetic pesticides. MPT's™ products don't require special handling or storage techniques and application is readily incorporated into the growers standard practices.

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